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WinBase Computerised Time and Attendance Systems
Mag-stripe, Bar code, Smart card and Bio-metric clocking 


WinBase Computerised Time and Attendance Software provides Time Recording solutions for small, medium and large companies and includes a variety of shift formats to suit most working environments. It incorporates a personnel file and can be linked to Sage and other leading payroll packages. 

WinBase is a versatile multi-user system which can cater for an unlimited amount of employees and an unlimited amount of clocking terminals. 

The Maximus Terminal is built using a robust Die Cast Aluminium case which incorporates an alpha numeric LCD screen for visual employee read-out, Positive and Negative LED's and Positive and Negative Audio bleeps for clocking or missed clocking. The employee name is also highlighted when a positive transaction has been clocked. 

The memory is protected by battery back-up in case of power failure.

A range of Audible Sounding devices can be incorporated to inform employees of starting, finishing and break times. Up to 20 different relay operations can be programmed per day.

  • Daily and Weekly shift patterns

  • Department categories

  • Automatic clock card totals

  • Automatic overtime rates

  • Presence reports

  • Absence reports

  • Holiday planner

  • Separate password protection

  • Direct access for payroll reports

  • On screen or printed reports

  • Payroll linking

  • Bespoke additions if required

  • Standard ASCII output reports

  • Bespoke ASCII reports on request

Options for Clocking
Magnetic Card reader
Bar Code readers
Bio-Metric Hand Scanner
Bio-metric Finger print reader
Bio-metric Finger print reader with PIN ID verification
Smart Card reader
Proximity reader

Interface Communications
Standard 10/100Base with dedicated TCP/IP Ethernet - RJ45 - Cat 5 adapters
EIA standard RS232 or RS485 converters
Standard Modems
Optional GSM/Cellular Modems
Low voltage power supply over Ethernet
Low voltage power over Serial link


Maximus Clocking Terminals


Maximus  The state-of-the-art internet appliance that removes limitations through use of open standards.

Maximus - maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability not to mention the most robust terminal in the business thanks to its die-cast aluminium housing!

Maximus features:

  • Internet appliance
  • Java programmable
  • Plug and play
  • Fully interactive
  • Eight programmable function keys
  • Onboard and remote diagnostics
  • Field upgradeable never outdated
  • Biometric option eliminates costly buddy punching
  • Optional power over Ethernet module

Prodigy The ideal blend of performance, function, style, and affordability designed for essential workforce management functionality.

Prodigy is for those who demand a rich suite of features at an affordable price: plug and play, web services, customisable function keys, optional biometrics, smartcards and more! Biometric options protect employees personal information and eliminate costly buddy-punching.

Prodigy features include:

  • Internet appliance
  • Plug and play
  • Onboard and remote diagnostics
  • Biometric options for increased personal security
  • Programmable function keys
  • Ergonomic design with angled card slot
  • Works in WAN and LAN environments, including WiFi, modem, and Ethernet
  • Optional power over Ethernet module

Water-resistant Terminal

Moulded Fiberglass Polyester
sealed housing

rain, snow, cold, sun - it works

  • 4  line x 20 character display

  • IP66  Weather Resistant  Bar Code Reader

  • Optional Mag-stripe Reader

  • Optional Proximity Reader

  • Standard Modems for remote sites with fixed land line

  • Mobile Modems for remote sites with no fixed land line

  • LED power indicator

  • Audible sounder  when logging on

  • Bell ringing facility